A quote

"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration."

- Ansel Adams

This quote intrigues me very much.  The person who wrote it inspires photographers of all generations.  His stunning compositions were only equaled by his skills in the darkroom.  He accomplished something that even the best photoshop users can only dream of.

His spirit of wilderness exploration, and passion for capturing what he finds are both traits I strive for.  Working dominantly in black and white also is something I've become more and more passionate about.  A lot of photographers feel that black and white is an easy way to cover up mistakes, but to do it really well requires a skill all in its own.  Light becomes more important!  It can either add more drama, or ruin your picture entirely with soupy grey tones.

Here are a couple images that I have taken which indirectly pay a bit of homage to the great Ansel Adams.  Enjoy!

Rockie Mountains Shot From Calgary, Alberta

  Spencer River Gorge Near Hamilton, Ontario