A day at the cliff

On Belay!

 I took three lovely young women on their first rock climbing adventure.  It was nothing but sunshine and smiles the whole time!  As soon as we finished the approach their faces lit up like they were 5 years old again and it was Christmas Day.  At that moment I knew making this a great trip for them would be easy as pie.

The climbing went exactly how I expected.  Difficult for them at first, but they quickly got the hang of it (pun intended haha).  After a few failures, finally success was achieved on the final route of the day.  I guess I could have found some easier climbs for them to try, but where's the adventure in trying something that's all but a guaranteed success?

In the end I hope they enjoyed their short interaction with nature, and if I achieved my goal it will inspire more outings for many years to come.

Someone has an audience.

A bit tricky 

Cliffhanger!  Literally haha.