Review: Boreal Mutant


These may be one of the most aesthetically pleasing shoes on the market today! The Mutants are Boreal’s take on the single Velcro closure slipper, which has been gaining a lot of ground with many shoe manufacturers lately. This system allows for powerful heel hooking without ones heel pulling out from the shoe. Boreal seemed to find that sweet spot in terms of stiffness here. It’s not too stiff that sensitivity is compromised, while maintaining enough stiffness to allow for standing on dime edges all day long. Furthermore Boreal used their Lateral Torsion System to add power and control, giving extra confidence to pull moves near his/her limit.


Boreal’s own blend of sticky Zenith rubber. It took me about three sessions to break this rubber in, but now it’s as sticky as they come.


One piece moulded heel. In fact the heel fit better for me than any other climbing shoe I’ve ever worn!

Toe Rubber:

Boreal moved away from what other brands have been doing by grinding up their Zenith rubber and gluing it to the toe of the shoe. The result is a very pliable toe that sticks to anything you paste it on. This feature also greatly improves the comfort of the shoe.

Best Uses:

These beauties are best for bouldering, sport climbing, and technical trad climbing where more face climbing is involved than foot jams.


The toe box on the Mutants is slightly wider than most other brands of climbing shoes. For me this made them incredibly comfortable out of the box. As mentioned earlier the heel suctioned right to my foot, and doesn’t budge while doing demanding heel hooks. As for sizing I recommend going half to a full size down from your street shoes.

Final Thoughts:

The Boreal Mutant is a unique performance shoe for the intermediate to advanced climber. The construction is second to none, the rubber is sticky, and the fit is comfortable!

I have been enjoying these shoes quite a bit, and really can’t find many faults with them. A solid job by Boreal creating this fantastic climbing shoe.