Squamish 2019

What can I say about Squamish, BC, other than it’s an incredibly special place for me. It represents freedom, wildness, and pure adventure that brings on certain emotions that I find hard to articulate. It’s proximity to outdoor activities make it a haven for multiple disciplines of adventures sports, and draws people from all over the world.

It seems every time I visit Squamish, the activities I choose to do are completely different. Once I spent my time on multi pitch climbs, another time trad climbing, and last year I bouldered for the majority of my stay. This year I spent a lot more time in the mountains. I took up scrambling, and was rewarded with solitude in an otherwise popular adventure destination.

I got to spend some time in the Tantalus Range climbing Mt. Ossa. From the first time I laid my eyes on this range of mountains, I fell instantly in love. Hell they were even one of my first watercolour paintings! Their glaciated peaks drew me in, but their almost mystical aura brought hesitation to my mind with the idea that this wild landscape was only accessible for the truly hard and well experienced mountaineers. This thought process changed when the extremely ambition and adventurist, Miss Kirsten sparked the idea that we can do it. A little research goes a long way, and the next thing I knew plans were set, and getting there was a huge priority for both of us.

By the end of this trip we packed a lot of activities into our short 2 weeks here. We sport climbed, we bouldered, we went up in to the alpine on multiple occasions, and visited one of my favourite lakes (Garibaldi Lake) once again. It was fantastic, and the list of things to do when I return has continued to grow. More peaks to bag, more climbs to do, and even more sports to take up. Luckily the next time I head to Squamish I’ll be making the move permanently!

One of the Trio of Lakes on Mt. Ossa in gorgeous morning light.

Taking in the beautiful views of the meandering Squamish River.

Kirsten in the bushes!

Maybe my favourite photo from the trip! Taken in the Tantalus Range

Taking in the 360º Views in the Tantalus Range

Kirsten loving life at Crooked Falls

Kirsten with Mt. Ossa and it’s beautiful glacier.

On the way back down from Mt. Ossa

The incredibly bold Grey Jays at Garibaldi Lake


A shot of me at Garibaldi Lake, and the Sphinx Glacier in the background.

Kirsten loving life with Mt. Habrich in the background.

Camp for nearly 2 weeks!

A birds eye view of camp and the Tantalus Range.

A typical morning breakfast with Kirsten and Jenn.

Kirsten climbing climbing an easy route we did multiple times. The views from the top were amazing!

Jenn on Minor Threat V6

Kim working on Young Blood 5.13, a route she ended up sending a couple days later.