New Point Of View (POV) Camera

I recently purchased a point of view camera.  These things are great for capturing a very unique perspective, not to mention how fun it is to use them.  They don't have a view finder, or LCD to see what you've captured, so it feels a little like Christmas when you download the video, or images to your computer.

The particular one I chose is waterproof to 1m as is, and a waterproof housing can be purchased later if you plan on taking underwater video at deeper depths.  It shoots HD video, or continuous still images with an extremely wide angle lens.

I have already made and posted my first video in the projects section of the site under Videos.  I hope everyone enjoys it, and there are more to come in the near future including rock climbing, mountain biking, and perhaps even track and field.


 The Contour Roam Camera


How it's mounted to my longboard