Bruce Peninsula National Park



Stormhaven has become a special place for me in Ontario! A place I can get away, set my thoughts straight, and breath in some fresh Canadian air. It’s also a remarkably beautiful place, with white limestone shores, and turquoise waters, it’s easy to forget you’re in Canada still (until jumping in the water that is).

The Bruce Peninsula

If there is one place in Ontario that everyone needs to visit at least once this is it. Arguably the most beautiful piece of land that Ontario has to offer. From it's towering limestone cliffs, to it's crystal clear turquoise waters the "Bruce" will leave your jaw dragging on the ground in awe. I spent a weekend hiking, camping, and creating pictures with a dear friend.

I had some pretty special moments out there. Probably the one that had the biggest impact on me came during our hike to the Grotto at sunrise. We were rewarded for our expeditiousness with the normally popular area to ourselves. The mist coming off the bay created a foggy haze that blocked out the horizon and made the view surreal. It was like we hopped off the Bruce Trail and entered a dreamland. There was an enchanted stillness that morning, no words were spoken, just a blissful smile of acknowledgement to one another was all that was needed. We were witnessing something special and it was just for us. I cannot put into words how I felt, but I did manage to capture the moment with a few images. One of my favourites can be seen here.

Indian Head Cove at sunrise.

After that wonderful morning we made our way to our camping destination at Stormhaven which lies along the Bruce Trail. We covered various terrain on route, and made many stops to take in some spectacular views along the way. That evening the serendipity didn't stop I was blessed with a splendid sunset along the beach near our camp.

Stormhaven shore at sunset.

The next morning I once again woke up early in hopes of another wonderful light show, but the sunrise was less than mediocre, so back to sleep I went for another hour or so.  I woke again with the sun still low in the sky kissing the cliffs with it's golden goodness. I managed to snap this shot below.

Early morning sun creates beautiful contrast.

The trip ended with great memories, some wonderful images, a strengthened friendship, and some sore joints. The power of being in beautiful pristine wilderness is something I have been advocating for years. It can heal the body and soul, and awaken a primitive part of the Human experience that realizes there is a strong need for the natural places on earth. I will be back again soon with camera in hand and eager to see what will be in store for me.