Stormhaven has become a special place for me in Ontario! A place I can get away, set my thoughts straight, and breath in some fresh Canadian air. It’s also a remarkably beautiful place, with white limestone shores, and turquoise waters, it’s easy to forget you’re in Canada still (until jumping in the water that is).

2014 Fall Season

Niagara River: Niagara Falls, Ontario

The fall is perhaps my favourite season of all. The trees make their final effort to absorb all the nutrients they can in preparation of the cold winter season to come. Doing so creates a beautiful array of hues in golds and auburns for us to enjoy. The fall is the magic season for us nature photographers living in temperate climates. Flocking to the short lived spectrum that nature bestowed on us, like the birds preparing for their southern migration.

However it's not just this colourful sight that has me going nuts. It's a wonderful experience which stimulates all of the senses. The sound of the dried leaves crunching beneath my feet is satisfying. Concurrently the smell of the same leaves decomposing is a refreshing scent, masking the oh so common odours of pollution that us city dwelling individuals are too familiar with.

Boardwalk in Westminister Ponds: London, Ontario

Hiking Through the woods: Mt. Nemo, Burlington, Ontario

Meanwhile the taste of the seasonal delights such as apple pie, and cider leave my mouth watering. I have been known to be a glutton during this time of year, consuming entire pies in a single sitting. Perhaps a primitive instinct of building fat stores to help me survive the winter months ahead.

Sport climbing: Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Bouldering: Niagara Glen, Ontario

The arrival of the cooler temperatures also indicates the final push for us rock climbers to finish up all our projects of the year. The lower humidity, and improved friction is perfect timing to showcase the new found strengths forged during the spring and summer. Giving it our all before slumping back into the confines of the climbing gyms, or transitioning to the ice climbing season.

Looking up at a trio of nut  trees: London, Ontario

And so with the colour spectacle coming to an end. The joyous frolicking will cease for some, but rest assured this hearty Canadian boy will be out in full force attempting to capture the beautiful variety that Mother Earth has to show us.

Come back soon for more updates.