Mission Statement

To create stories and photographs that infuse the spirit of nature, adventure, curiosity, and passion.

About the project

The Inspiration Project has me embarking on a North American tour. I will be sampling some of the best and unique outdoor adventure destinations. The goal of the project is to motivate others to see the wilderness as a haven for exploration, and to prove that living with physical limitations should never hold one back.

The project is comprised of three equally important parts:

- Embracing the opportunity to make photographs in breathtaking locations, while rock climbing and hiking at world-class destinations. My goal is to share the minimally accessible landscapes and experiences by the photos and stories I take along the way. Some of these destinations will require the use of well-rehearsed survival skills, mental determination and physical strength to successfully transcend upon. Some, I hope to serendipitously find.

-  I will undoubtedly be meeting many new friendly faces. Their stories will be intimately told as the journey progresses; building a bridge with a human connection to the land-- and adventure!

- The final part of this journey will be spreading awareness and education for Crohn’s Disease and Colitis (IBD), a little known disease that affects 1 in 150 Canadians. It has been part of my life since 2012. I have created a tax-deductible fundraiser where the money raised will go towards research in improving treatment, and finding a cure.



Crohn's & Colitis