Straight Outta' Squampton

I met Tucker Webb while in Squamish, BC. I was there to climb, and take photographs and hopefully stumble upon an interesting story or two.

I think it was the first day I was bouldering that I was invited to watch Tucker attempt one of the most inspiring boulder problems in Squamish. A line named Straight Outta' Squampton. It has everything a classic could ask for. An aesthetic obvious line, an intimidating height and difficulty, and controversy to spice things up.

I was able to create a photo essay to document his attempt.

Getting mentally prepared!

Mark Scherle

Mark Scherle

Age: 32

What do you do: I’m a professional photographer by trade, and an avid adventurer by nature.

Mark’s Story:

About four years ago my life was drastically altered when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. At first it was debilitating adjusting to the rigours of this disease. Slowly with the help from my GI, I became more independent, and able to work and be active again.

Eventually I began exploring nature regularly. It was a great way to lose myself and forget about my symptoms I had been facing. This eventually led me back to rock climbing, an activity I had been involved in for years. Soon I realized that by being active in nature didn’t just get my mind off things, but it also helped improve my symptoms.

So this brings me to my current situation! People often tell me that I inspire them. Seeing me climbing and pushing my limits physically, even while battling something that has really taken me down a notch. This type of positivity is infectious and why I am starting this inspiration project. I want to find others who have overcome adversities, and became a better person because of it.

If you're interested in learning more about my story you can check out my blog post here.