RRG Spring 2019

I got invited on a short trip down to the Red River Gorge this past weekend. It just so happened to coincidentally be my birthday, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend it!

Check all the photos from the trip!

Illuminated tent back at camp

Brianna on the belay!

Brianna hucking for the jug on Dogleg, 5.12a

Brianna taking the whip on Dogleg.

Crimping hard, or hardly crimping?

Kat silhouetted on the first climb of the trip.

Kat on Sloppy Seconds 5.11a

Kat showing us why there is blood on all the holds.

A shot of me on Singularity 5.12c. Taken by Brianna Wilson

Me on the warm up Brown Eyed Girl 5.10a