RRG Spring 2019 Round 2

A second trip the Red had sprung up, and five days later I’m back. A whole bunch of laughs and silliness went on, but so did a ton of climbing. We left a mark on this place, and came back with some great memories.

Oh I also managed to snap a photo or two while down there.

Jenn climbing on the mega class line, “Mercy The Huff”

Ian Enjoying himself, while turning around to enjoy the view.

Ian on, “Too Many Puppies”

Brianna tying in!

Brianna on the ever popular climb, “Oompa” at the Chocolate Factory

Jenni making moves on “Oompa”

Bri is all smiles, while Jenni’s hair is on point.

Ian with the belay neck!

Bri taking a whip on, “Cell Block Six”

Jenn on, “Too Many Puppies”

Ian waltzing up, “Toker,” at Bob Marley Crag.

Brianna also on, “Toker”

Brianna taking a spill in the Madness Cave at Motherlode.

A tiny Ian in the Madness Cave!