holy moly

So today was a very interesting day.  It all began as a usual Sunday.  I decided to go climbing, quickly I packed my stuff and took off.  The trip began like a typical Niagara Glen bouldering day, I started by climbing a few of the classic boulders for a warm up, and then went off to try some harder problems.  After getting some pictures of myself (posted below) I decided to take a break for lunch, only to be hit by a random thunderstorm!  I had never been out climbing while it's lightning, and to be honest it was actually kind of fun at first.  I was able to continue climbing on some of the steeper problems until the rain became too much, and started to pour off the tops like overflowing bowls.  As the only escape from the glen is up many flights of steps made out of steel I decided to hide out under some rocks while the lightning moved on and was no longer a threat.  During this time something I always thought would happen more often did.  An out of shape women broke her ankle, and needed some attention.  I helped as best I could until the emergency workers arrived.  

This sort of incident continues to bother me.  Areas like this are in fact quite wild, and people who are unprepared (being out of shape, and/or not used to being in the wilderness) continue to gain easier access.  In this case the placement of steel stairs.  The general public are then free to explore ignorantly.  There have been issues with climbing access to many areas in Ontario in the past few years, and incidences like these do not help.

Sorry for the rant.  Enjoy the pictures!!!

Me on an unknown problem


 Same problem with a wider angle shot.


Me climbing Super Sharp Shooter V6


Firefighters carrying a casualty out during the rain and lightning.


First Rock Climbing Outing Of The Year

The first time out is always exciting for me.  I went to Niagara Glen, which is just outside of Niagara Falls on the river.  The weather couldn't have been any better for this time of year it was 16º and sunny for the most part, so I couldn't have asked for a better day.  After being stuck with cold or wet weather for months my body needs the fresh air, and primative movements that only rock climbing can give.

The beautiful thing about this time of year is serenity it brings.  Being only a few other people in the entire forest gives the freedom to do almost anything you please.  You can yell or run around like a crazy person, and there is no one around to make you feel uncomfortable.  The only downside to doing stuff like this solo is if something does happen you're pretty much screwed.

 Here are a few pictures from the day.


Finishing a boulder problem.


On the prowl for more problems to climb.